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Building trust in healthcare through technology

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

The consumerization of healthcare—driven by the ACA, an expanding market and technological innovation—is providing consumers with more and more options for where to spend their healthcare dollars. And a recently released survey shows that increasingly, trust is becoming a key factor for consumers when they not only choose their health insurance and medical providers, but also select digital tools to support their health and wellness.

But with tens of thousands of health apps and connected devices on the market, few reach the level of substantiation necessary for both physicians and patients to trust the information they provide. That’s one of the primary reasons that – at Sharecare – we focus a great deal of time and effort on scientific and clinical validation of the tools we create. Whether allowing Dr. James Fowler to conduct a research study on the accuracy of RealAgetaking the Problem Knowledge Coupler system developed by medical informatics pioneer Dr. Larry Weed and turning it into a consumer-facing clinical decision support tool with AskMD; or entering our voice analysis technology into an adaptive trial under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Georgia Tech, we do everything we can to ensure that medical providers, healthcare organizations and corporate entities alike can feel confident in recommending Sharecare’s apps and services to anyone.