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Bringing “Sharecare-enabled” health systems into focus with Visualize Health

As reimbursement models shift to value-based from fee-for-service, we’re seeing provider groups face new pressures to meet new performance and documentation requirements. Increasingly, providers are juggling these demands in addition to their highest priority of delivering the best care possible at the patient’s bedside.

But with our latest acquisition of Visualize Health, we’re taking steps to help ease this burden between both providers and payers, while empowering them to focus on optimizing care for those they serve. Visualize Health provides a cloud-based technology that integrates with all major electronic medical records and practice management systems to support providers and payers in a value-based healthcare environment. Not only does this innovative technology identify reporting deficiencies quickly, but also it delivers insights-based actions to the provider – enabling them to set the right care plan for each patient.

This marks a huge milestone in our growth at Sharecare, and the evolution of our payer and provider service offerings. By combining forces with Visualize Health, our vision of “Sharecare-enabling” health systems and allowing providers to “prescribe” our platform seamlessly to help patients manage their health is now within closer reach than ever before.