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Back To Where It All Began

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Yesterday, I spoke at the ninth annual Health 2.0 conference, which is the same event where we launched Sharecare five years ago. Given this milestone, I was asked to give an update on where we are: almost 800 employees, over 160 partners, $160 million in funding and nine acquisitions. Even with this rapid growth, we’ve stayed true to our initial vision to become the de facto profile for health. We’ve done that by building a comprehensive set of services that sit in the cloud that can meet people at different places in their health journey, and extolling the “4 Ps of medicine”: predictive, personalized, participatory, preventative.

And as we’ve grown, there’s no doubt that the digital health industry has as well – but over the last two years, thanks in large part to things like the Affordable Care Act and Apple throwing its hat into the health ring, what’s truly exploded is consumerism. With the rise in consumer adoption of digital health, people will soon demand a fifth “P”: privacy – at which point we’ll see other technology companies (think about those with expertise in enterprise-level security and privacy like Blackberry) enter the health arena.

So what’s on tap for Sharecare’s next five years? In addition to delivering on your demand for a comprehensive, secure health profile, look for us to not simply embrace a mobile-first mentality, but rather ready for the mobile-only world.