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The Apple Effect: Inspiration, Disruption and… U2?

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

If you were anywhere near a television or Internet connection in the last 24 hours, chances are you’ve heard a lot – a whole lot – about the announcements Apple made yesterday. I had the privilege – along with Dr. Oz – to be invited to the event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, which is just down the street from Apple’s worldwide headquarters in Cupertino, California. While that venue might not mean something to most, it actually holds special significance for Apple because it is the location where Steve Jobs announced the first Macintosh computer 30 years ago – a moment written into the history books. So, walking into the Flint Center yesterday, I knew whatever they announced was going to make headlines; but I couldn’t help but wonder how much of an impact – real, tangible impact – it would have on the health of consumers. After watching Apple CEO Tim Cook and his executive team yesterday, I think I may have witnessed history being made yet again in that hallowed auditorium.

Yes, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are cool devices. Seeing Bono and U2 take the stage to announce their first album in 5 years was awesome. And I think the Apple Watch is going to be an incredibly popular device, whether you’re a fashionista, a gear head or a triathlete. But what got me truly inspired and energized is how elegantly and meaningfully health and fitness were incorporated throughout the entire presentation and into every single one of these new products. Apple isn’t just adding a health and fitness “feature;” it is making a commitment that literally has the potential to start a health revolution.

One of the things I find most fascinating about Apple is their ability to create products and platforms that consumers never knew they wanted, yet now can’t imagine living without. The idea that Apple may very well change consumer behavior to the degree that personal health and wellness is omnipresent… that good health and being active starts to become a status symbol… that’s a revolution we all can get behind.

Whether you’re a faithful iPhone user or prefer Android devices, there’s no denying that Apple, on more than one occasion, has entered a market and fueled disruptive innovation – and, speaking frankly, whether you’re a consumer or a provider, we all can agree that the healthcare industry could use a little disruption.

As for Sharecare’s role in the revolution, we are steadfast in our commitment to empower the consumer with the tools they need to live their healthiest lives and take control of their healthcare. We have some exciting announcements over the coming weeks and months that will make it even easier for you to take control of your health, in particular on mobile. Stay tuned…