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America’s Obsession With Digital Media

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

My friends and family often joke that I should have any one of my various digital devices surgically detached from my hands. While they’re kidding, they’re also right, and I try to disconnect now and again, though not as much as I probably should. But last night, I read about a new study from Nielsen reporting that American adults spend a staggering 11 hours a day with electronic media, including TV, radio, smartphones, DVRs and more.

As CEO of a digital company, you’d think I would be encouraged by this – but my passion for sharing care and promoting wellness makes me wonder how spending that much time with digital media impacts people’s health. Are they multitasking, consuming media while they’re on a run or at the gym? Or just leaning back, succumbing to lethargy on couches across America? My hunch is it’s the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, digital media is an incredible tool, and I believe the potential for innovation, especially in healthcare, is limitless. But as consumers, let’s try to be aware of how often we’re connected to these devices and our activity levels while doing so. No electronic media can replace the benefit gained by getting some fresh air on a long walk with your family.

Of course, I had to engage with electronic media in order to type this posting. The irony isn’t lost on me.