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Advancing well-being in the workplace

By Jeff Arnold, Chairman and CEO

March 1, 2018

There is no question that employers in America are working hard to improve the well-being of their workforces. However, in the face of that challenge, some bright spots have emerged in the form of leaders who have chosen to act in recognition of not only the importance of a healthy workforce, but also the value it can bring to our communities at-large.

At The Conference Board’s 18th annual Employee Health Care Conference in New York City next week, our co-founder, Dr. Mehmet Oz, will lead a discussion exploring this topic with two people who have set their intentions on leading the pack: Andrew Johnson, Deputy Commissioner of Georgia’s Department of Community Health, and David Hoke, senior director of Associate Health and Wellbeing at Walmart. During the session, Johnson and Hoke will talk about their respective crusades to empower employees to live healthier lives – and why they have chosen Sharecare to be their partner in that journey. 

We are hopeful that the information-sharing fostered by events like The Conference Board will inspire more organizations to seize the opportunity to drive real engagement and real change for their employees.