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Rising With the Tide

By Jeff Arnold, CEO and Chairman

Over the last year – and in earnest since our acquisition of Healthways – Sharecare has been focused on integrating and fine-tuning our platform to address the diverse population health challenges of large employers and health plans. As we made rapid progress on that front, long-time Healthways’ customer HMSA demonstrated their belief in our total and comprehensive solution by going “all-in” with Sharecare, announcing yesterday that they will roll out the new Sharecare enterprise platform to the entire state of Hawaii.

While that news alone is exciting, there’s another important facet of the announcement: in addition to making Sharecare available to the whole of Hawaii, HMSA has made a separate strategic investment in Sharecare – just as HCA, Trinity and Swiss Re have previously. To have another “customer” elect to also become an “investor” in Sharecare is not only validation of what we have built thus far, but also a vote of confidence in our vision – and ability – to put all your health in one place.