Paul Rizzoli

Dr. Paul Rizzoli


Dr. Paul Rizzoli is a neurologist whose career is focused on recurrent headache disorders. Seeing this disorder as a neglected clinical problem in the health industry, Dr. Rizzoli spends roughly three-fourths of his schedule devoted to clinical work, with the remaining time divided between teaching, writing, and administrative duties. After his completion of residency in Internal Medicine through Brown University in 1981, together with his training at the Longwood Neurology Program from 1981-1984, he joined a group private practice specializing in adult neurology in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts with a focus on his interest in headache management.

It was then he established and ran a busy and successful corporate neurology practice, where he managed personnel, financial plans, and billing aspects. In 1999, he accepted the Chief of Neurology position at Faulkner Hospital where He increased the clinical presence of neurology on the wards as well as through expanded teaching conferences. This was done by his addition of tele-monitoring to the Operation Room, long-term monitoring services to the EEG laboratory, and the establishment of a successful and profitable sleep laboratory.

He continued improvements to the Faulkner Hospital Neurology Department by helping to merge this practice into a larger academic neurology department together with Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Here Dr. Rizzoli developed a new academic headache center on Falukner’s campus with the mission to re-establish Faulkner’s long standing reputation for excellence in headache care as well as to carry on the legacy of Dr. John Graham, one of the earlier headache pioneers.

After just four years, the John R. Graham Headache Center was and is fully functioning, and is accredited as a United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS) Headache Medicine fellowship training site, and has begun training for fellows. Dr. Rizzoli serves as Director and Fellowship Director for the Headache Center, supervising fellows, hosting medical students, and participating in case presentations and discussions during monthly meetings with other Center members and interested outside physicians. The Center itself is a tertiary referral center for the evaluation and management of the most severely disabled headache patients.

In addition to this Dr. Rizzoli is a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and participates in this Headache specials interest section, as well as a fellow of the American Headache society where he co-chairs a special interest section on headache and vascular disease. He also is a member of the International Headache Society and the Headache Cooperative of New England. Serving as an associate editor for the journal Headache, he also is a reviewer for several other journals.