Dr. Michael Banov


Michael D. Banov, MD is a triple board-certified Adult, Adolescent, and Addiction Psychiatrist and is the medical director of Northwest Behavioral Medicine and Northwest Behavioral Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Northwest Behavioral Medicine is an outpatient behavioral health group practice providing comprehensive outpatient services to those suffering from a wide range of psychiatric problemsNorthwest Behavioral Research Center works with pharmaceutical companies to test new compounds for the treatment of psychiatric disorders including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and schizophrenia. He is a certified clinical investigator, having received his certification from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ARCP).

Dr. Banov has conducted over 100 clinical research studies with new and existing compounds in the management of acute and chronic psychiatric conditions. He also continues to see patients on a daily basis, which gives him a unique perspective on integrating research findings into real world practice. He has authored over 20 scientific papers in the area of psychiatry with a focus on pharmacological therapies. His practice has also provided a training ground for medical students interested in learning more about the practice of psychiatry. He has written articles in publications such as Insight Magazine and been quoted in Good Housekeeping and other national publications for the lay public on identifying and treating mental health problemsHe recently published a book for consumers called Taking Antidepressants: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting, Staying On, and Safely Quitting Antidepressants published by Sunrise River Press and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

See http://www.psychatlanta.com for more information about Dr. Banov and his practice and http://www.takingantidepressants.com for more about his book.